Защитные полимерные покрытия
Protective polymer coatings

The REAM-RTI experts formulated a family of specialist liquid and powder polymeric compositions and mastered technologies of coating application on parts of submersible oil production equipment. The PPS- and PEEK- based polymeric composite coatings exhibit outstanding heat resistance (PPS - up to +260 °C, PEEK - up to +310 °C), high heat conduction and wear resistance, dielectric strength, unique chemical and oxidation resistance, low scaling, hydrophobic and oleophobity.

At present we apply high-performance coatings on ESP pump operating elements, bodies, end connecting parts and coupling connector threads.

-       Pumping stages of ESP Pumps, Rotary Pumps, etc. with multilayer anti-scaling and abrasion-resistant coat­ings ("PPK-S" "PPK-SI")

□ The coating for bodies and end connecting parts of oil production equipment and filters

Inside abrasion-resistant coating "PPK-SI". Outside protective scratch resistant coating "PPK-SZ"

□ Protective coating for coupling connector threads "PPK-SI"^

• effectively protects threads from corrosion;

• provides up to 30 cycles of makeups-breakouts;

• provides cathode protection;

exhibits protective properties similar to the ones of the material Coupling Guard (the USA).

-       PEEK-based coating for bearings

PEEK-based abrasion-resistant coating for bearings and contacting parts with anti-scaling properties at service temperatures of up to +310 °C in H2S-rich media.