Номенклатура колец уплотнительных круглого сечения

O-rings are manufactured from elastomeric compounds RS-26ch, RS-3, RS-3-1, RS-EP-T, Ter-10, Af-15
and Af-15-1. For movable joints elastomeric compounds RS-26ch-5 and Ter-19 are used. O-rings can be
manufactured according to Customer's requirements (drawings and prototypes of the Customer).

o rings.png

O-ring 004-006-14-2
O-ring 005-007-14-2
O-ring 008-010-14-2
O-ring 003-006-19-2
O-ring 004-007-19-2
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O-ring № 006 (2,90x1,78)
O-ring № 009 (5,28x1,78)
O-ring № 010 (6,07x1,78)
O-ring № 012 (9,25x0,13)
O-ring № 014 (12,42x1,78)
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