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  The REAM Group (REAM-RTI, LLC and PK “REAM”, LLC) was founded in 1991 as a research and production company to manufacture import-substituting critical technical rubber products of high quality for the domestic industry.

  Today the products of the REAM Group are successfully applied in oil-and-gas machine building, automotive industry, shipbuilding, aircraft&airspace branches, in manufacture of products for railway transport. Besides, the REAM Group manufactures critical products from compressed wire mesh and polymer composites and applies heat resistant polymeric coatings. Engineering that comprises formulation of new materials, development of technologies, design works in the sphere of compressors and pumping equipment, filtration systems, assemblies and units of oil submersible equipment is a new area of the company's development.

  The REAM Group is a permanent exponent of international exhibitions held in Moscow (“Oil and Gas”, “MIMS”, “Tires and Rubber”) and abroad with the support of Government and Department of Science and Technology of Russian Federation.

  The REAM's achievements in the sphere of technology and new materials are recognized by a gold medal for elastomeric compounds with controlled swelling, a gold medal for elastomeric compound RS-26ch (sealing components made of the compound have a guaranteed operation period in units over 15,5 years), a gold medal for manufacture of components for oil-producing industry from the material Aflas®, a silver medal for elastomeric compound Ter-10, a gold medal for bladders from the compound Ter-10.

  A silver medal was taken for elastomeric compounds of “RS” series (uncured elastomeric compounds for automotive industry assemblies, agricultural and transport machine building, oil and gas and fuel equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic devices); a bronze medal — for elastomeric wear-resistant materials with low friction coefficient. 2011 year saw a prize for the compound RS-3 and for production of bladders from RS-3. A diploma of Russian and Moscow funds of protection of consumers proved active participation of the the REAM Group in creation of the civilized consumer market in Russia.

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